Scanner Hat

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime
LEGO SPIKE Prime Scanner Hat lets students explore the world of personal aids, with this device made for visually impaired people to navigate indoors without crashing into obstacles

LEGO Scanner Hat lets you see in the dark

Step into a world of exploration and empathy with our groundbreaking LEGO SPIKE PRIME Scanner Hat, built with a single LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set 45678 .

👁️‍🗨️ Designed to introduce students to the challenges and solutions of the visually impaired, this innovative tool offers a hands-on experience like no other.

🔊 Blindfold your students and watch as they navigate indoor environments safely, guided by the LEGO SPIKE Prime Scanner Hat’s distinctive sounds and tones that indicate the presence of obstacles.

🧠With this funny tool, students gain a deeper understanding of the importance of personal aids for the visually impaired, while honing their problem-solving skills and empathy.

📚 Ready to embark on this eye-opening journey? Get the building and programming instructions now and start transforming education with the LEGO SPIKE PRIME Scanner Hat.

Click below to access the building and programming instructions.

Video coming soon.

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