Surface Space Loader

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime
LEGO SPIKE Prime Surface Space Loader is inspired by the LEGO TECHNIC Space 2024 model 42178

Space Exploration in the classroom!

Introducing a new design of mine, the LEGO SPIKE Prime Surface Space Loader – the ultimate robotic vehicle for aspiring engineers and LEGO enthusiasts! Built with the LEGO Education SPIKE core set 45678, this remote-controlled marvel is inspired by the iconic LEGO Technic Surface Space Loader LT78 set 42178, bringing you into the exciting cross-over theme of LEGO SPACE 2024.


  • Dynamic Configuration: Effortlessly change its configuration and raise or lower the driver’s cab.
  • Adaptive Steering: Navigate different terrains with ease.
  • Terrain Mastery: The vehicle raises itself to tackle various surfaces.
  • Crane Operation: Manually operate the crane to pick up and move cargo.
  • Program with Ease: Use Scratch with the SPIKE App or Pybricks Blocks to control it with an XBOX controller.
  • Crystal-clear building instructions: the step-by-step building plans are just like the LEGO original instructions booklets.

Unleash your creativity and engineering skills with the SPIKE Prime Surface Space Loader. Ready to conquer new frontiers?

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Video coming soon.

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