LEGO Industrial Model for Education

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime
LEGO Car Factory that you can build in your classroom using LEGO SPIKE Prime set + the expansion set
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Ultimate hands-on experience in your classroom: the LEGO Car Factory!

Attention, educators and teachers! Bring into your classroom an advanced simulation of a manufacturing process with this advanced LEGO Car Factory. Your students will dive into the world of robotics as they design, build, and program their very own car assembly line.

Empower your students with two programming options: Scratch via the SPIKE App for beginners, or Python using Pybricks for the more advanced learners. Let them explore the endless possibilities of automation and problem-solving in a fun and engaging way! You can build this huge model with the parts from a LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set 45678 set and a LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Expansion set 45681.

With detailed building instructions crafted with the same leve of detail as the official LEGO manuals, comprising over 200 steps, your students will develop crucial STEM skills while enjoying every moment of the process. Ready to revolutionize your classroom? Click below to purchase the LEGO Car Factory and ignite the sparks of creativity and innovation in your students today!

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