T-Shirt Folding Robot

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime
This LEGO SPIKE Prime robot can fold T-Shirts of any size. Try it out!

This robot can fold T-Shirts better than 90% of us

I am good at many things, but not at folding clothes precisely. That’s why I built this LEGO SPIKE Prime Robot that can fold T-Shirts! With a few tweaks you can fold adult-sized T-Shirts or kid-sized T-Shirts at the press of a button. This project is aimed at demonstrating how you can create a life hack, an actually useful contraption to help people to take care of their clothes. You can build this LEGO SPIKE Prime project with the parts from a single LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set 45678 set, by following the instructions, which are clear and detailed just like the LEGO original instructions booklets.

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Video coming soon.

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