April 16, 2004

LEGO MINDSTORMS RCX output Multiplexer (MUX)

April 2004: I developed a simple yet effective motor multiplexer for RCX, to raise the number of motors it can drive from 3 to 6. It’s really […]
April 16, 2004


April 2004: With this wonderful device, you can connect up to 8 active sensors to one single RCX Input port. It works bad only for Lego […]
July 17, 2004

LEGO MINDSTORMS analog proximity sensor (RCX)

July 2004: This is the first custom proximity sensor I made for the RCX, fitted in a box made by two 2×4 bricks. It returns a […]
September 1, 2005

LEGO MINDSTORMS on/off proximity sensor (RCX)