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LEGO BOOST Free Building Instructions

They look just the LEGO official ones!

If you are looking for new LEGO BOOST models, your search is over!

The LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox #17101 is a really cool set. I guess you already built all the five models included in the LEGO BOOST App, and completed all the guided activities. Yout might feel a little lost, and don't know what to build next. Don't let your expensive set collect dust on a shelf!

I am Daniele Benedettelli, LEGO BOOST expert and author of the LEGO BOOST Activity Book (No Starch Press, 2018). I designed many new custom LEGO BOOST models for LEGO fans just like you.
Wanna build a cool LEGO BOOST model? I am giving you one of my LEGO BOOST custom models for free. Just click the button below!
  • Detailed 100+ steps building instructions

  • Screenshots to reproduce the LEGO BOOST block program

  • 3+ hours of fun with this model

  • 300dpi resolution for optional printing

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