Build and program robots with your LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox 17101. You can build original LEGO BOOST models by following detailed building and programming instructions.

January 3, 2021
A smooth LEGO BOOST walker biped robot that can balance on two legs and turn

🔒 LEGO BOOST Walker Robot

LEGO BOOST Walking Robot Look, mom! Without wheels! This cute LEGO robot can walk and turn smoothly by shifting its weight from one foot to the […]
October 7, 2021
Johnny 5 from Short Circuit movie built with LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox 17101

🔒 LEGO BOOST Johnny 5

LEGO BOOST Johnny 5 Johnny Five is alive! Johnny 5 is the robot star from 1986 science fiction comedy film Short Circuit. One of five experimental […]
December 9, 2022
CODIE is a LEGO BOOST robot that can be programmed on the fly

🔒 LEGO BOOST on-the-fly coding robot

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