Powered Exoskeleton

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime
Learn how real powered exoskeletons and collaborative robots work with this LEGO SPIKE Prime Powered Exoskeleton Proof of Concept.

Power Up with Exoskeletons!

With your LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set 45678, you can build a working LEGO Powered Exoskeleton Proof of Concept (PoC)! Ever wondered if it would be possible to build an Iron Man suit with LEGO bricks? This prototype will make you feel like Tony Stark, and allow you to lift heavy objects with a fingertip.

Unlock the secrets of advanced engineering as we unravel the mysteries behind real-life powered exoskeletons. Perfect for educators and parents alike, this lesson plan empowers you to teach kids about cutting-edge technology in a fun and engaging way. Discover basics of admittance control, the concept that enables safe interaction with collaborative robots (COBOTs) or to build wearable exoskeletons that can enhance human strength. With step-by-step building and programming instructions, you will be able to build this prototype with a single LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set 45678 , and program it with graphical blocks. Is it wearable? The initial design was, but then I redesigned this model not to be wearable on purpose, for safety reasons.

Are you ready to inspire the next generation of innovators? Click below to access the instructions and unleash the potential of your classroom or home learning environment.

Video coming soon.