3in1: Jump-o-meter / Step Counter / Fall Detector

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime
Wear this LEGO SPIKR Prime device at your belt and count your steps, or measure how high you can jump.

How high can you jump?

Put this wearable LEGO SPIKE Prime device at your belt, and learn about accelerometers while having tons of fun. This device can measure your jumps! Challenge your friends and see who is the most sprung! Switch to another program and count your steps. How far will you go? Furthermore, with this project you can simulate a safety wearable device that signals when an elderly person falls. You can build this LEGO SPIKE Prime project with the parts from a single LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set 45678 set, by following the instructions, which are clear and detailed just like the LEGO original instructions booklets.

By building, programming and experimenting with this LEGO SPIKE Prime project in your classroom or at home, you will learn about XY graphs of the acceleration over time, and how to interpret data to extract meaningful measurements.

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