Guide Robot

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime
This LEGO SPIKE Prime robot can navigate indoors on its own, and guide visitors in a museum or a school.
LEGO SPIKE Prime Guide Robot Scratch program demo page

Robot Navigation Made Easy

Being able to know your way around and navigate safely in an unknown place is not always easy for us, let along for a mobile robot!

Powered by the versatile LEGO SPIKE Prime set 45678, this LEGO mobile robot opens doors to seamless indoor navigation and exploration. Thanks to the rich assortment of parts of the LEGO SPIKE Prime set, the robot can be built in a modular way: you can add a tower on top of it to make it very tall and visible, and make it resemble a real guide robot that you could find in a hospital or in a museum to guide visitors or patients inside the building.

Here are some key features of this LEGO SPIKE Prime project:

  • Seamless Navigation: Effortlessly glide through indoor environments, fostering a deeper understanding of how a robot can be spatial aware orient itself.
  • Smart Maneuvering: With intelligent obstacle detection and adaptable navigation policies, our robot cultivates problem-solving skills and strategic thinking.
  • Easy Assembly: Detailed building instructions ensure hassle-free construction, encouraging hands-on learning and collaboration.
  • Student-Friendly Programming: Empower young minds to innovate and create with Scratch programming via the SPIKE App, nurturing lateral thinking and computational skills.

You can build this cute model in your classroom or at home, with the parts from a single LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set 45678 set.

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