Color Sorting Robot

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime
A LEGO SPIKE Prime color sorting robot
SPIKE Prime color sorter scratch program demo page

Learn conditional structures and loops

Color sorting robots are a classic in LEGO robotics. It’s a simple yet very educative project that lets your students take their first steps in the world of automation. This LEGO SPIKE Prime robot can sort bricks by color. Place the bricks included in the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set 45678 set on its ramp, and let it perform its task.  With this project, you’ll learn how to make your robot take actions depending on logic conditions, and how to reuse part of your code by creating custom blocks. If you want to go further, you can also try this LEGO SPIKE Prime Bird robot of mine, that you can teach how to sort bricks by color.

You can get the building and programming instructions by clicking the button down below.

Horizontal video coming soon. You can check out the short here.