Cuddly Cat

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime
A LEGO SPIKE Prime Cat for pet therapy that you can pet, feed and play with.
LEGO SPIKE Prime Cat Scratch program demo page

Adopt a LEGO Spike Prime Pet: Your LEGO Cat!

Introducing the purr-fect companion for rainy days or even pet therapy – the LEGO Spike Prime Cat! 🐱 With all the charm of a real feline and none of the hairball cleanup nor allergy problems, this delightful kitty will melt your heart and tickle your funny bone. Enjoy playing with her as she purrs, meows, and even kneads just like the real deal! Need some cuddle therapy?

Pet her hard sleek LEGO back and feel the stress melt away. Feeling generous? Feed her some virtual treats and bask in the satisfaction of making a LEGO pet’s day.

But be warned – this kitty has a sassy side! Cross her and she’ll let you know with an audible complaint. So, keep those treats coming and the pets gentle, and you’ll have a purr-fectly hilarious therapy session every time! You can build this cute model in your classroom or at home, with the parts from a single LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set 45678 set.

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