Self-Driving Car

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime
This LEGO SPIKE Prime car is smart enough to navigate autonomously, follow lines on the road. You can control it directly using the Powered Up Remote!

Discover self-driving cars with SPIKE Prime

Get ready to build this sleek LEGO self-driving car with your LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set 45678.  Understand and learn the techniques to achieve autonomous navigation as your self-driving car gracefully maneuvers through any environment, effortlessly avoiding obstacles and discovering the clearest path, thanks to an ultrasonic distance sensor that can rotate, and the Color Sensor mounted downwards to detect road lines. But that’s not all! With the power of PyBricks textual microPython programming, you can even control your car directly with the LEGO Powered Up Remote 88010 (to be purchased separately).

You can get the building and programming instructions by clicking the button down below.

Simple SCRATCH program for a LEGO SPIKE Prime self-driving car

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