Walking Bug

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime
A six-legged walking bug built with SPIKE Prime set 45678
SCRATCH program for a LEGO SPIKE Prime walking bug, made with SPIKE App 3

Learn how to program an hexapod robot

Walking robots are my passion. It’s quite easy to move on wheels, while it’s tricky to build and program a LEGO robot that can walk on legs. I made several biped robots, and this time I made a six-legged walking bug with our beloved LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set 45678 set.  With this project, you’ll learn the techniques to synchronize three motors to achieve a fluid walking motion for this robotic insect. You can program this LEGO SPIKE walking hexapod to navigate any environment, avoiding obstacles thanks to an ultrasonic distance sensor. If you want to go further, with PyBricks textual microPython programming, you can even control your LEGO walking robot directly with the LEGO Powered Up Remote 88010 (to be purchased separately).

You can get the building and programming instructions by clicking the button down below.

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