Balancing Wheelchair

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime
This LEGO wheelchair can balance on the rear wheels. This is useful in real life for people to overcome small steps. You can remote control it with XBOX controller

Back wheels Balancing is a real thing

When I started developing this LEGO SPIKE Prime balancing robot, I also wanted it to tell a story. I thought of making a LEGO figure sitting on wheelchair, that could also balance on two wheels on its own. I was worried about not being politically correct, when I found this video of a man explaining the importance of learning how to balance his wheelchair on the back wheels to overcome small obstacles. So, let me introduce you this LEGO SPIKE Prime Balancing Wheelchair that can balance on its back wheels. It can recognize when it loses its balance and perform a maneuver to get up again. You can control it with an XBOX controller, thanks to the Pybricks python programming. You can build this LEGO SPIKE Prime project with the parts from a single LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set 45678 set, by following the instructions, which are clear and detailed just like the LEGO original instructions booklets.

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Video coming soon.