Wearable Adaptive Claw

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime
Wearable adaptive power claw built with LEGO SPIKE Prime set 45678. It can perform power grasp on heavy objects, and delicately pick an egg without breaking it

Power Grasp and precision pinch

Discover the world of robotics prosthetics with this LEGO SPIKE Prime project. Wear this Adaptive Claw and control it with the force sensor. Thanks to its special compliant mechanics, this claw can either perform a power grasp on heavy large objects,  and precision pinches to pick up small and fragile objects like an egg without breaking it!
Your students will learn how to use linear interpolation, a quite useful math concept, in a practical way. The force read by the sensor is mapped onto the position of the elastic fingers of the LEGO gripper. You can build this cool wearable LEGO Claw in your classroom or at home, with the parts from a single LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set 45678 set. The instructions are clear and detailed just like the LEGO original instructions booklets.

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