LEGO Designer

Do you need a custom-designed exclusive LEGO model? You can hire me as a professional freelance LEGO designer.
I design original LEGO models for summer camps, after-school activities, birthday parties, workshops, for the K12 age range. The models are designed for different skill levels, and can be made with LEGO bricks, with LEGO Technic parts, and can also be LEGO MINDSTORMS robots. Each model is documented with detailed high quality building instructions.

Shows & Lectures

Since 2011, I hold teachers training workshops about LEGO MINDSTORMS, seminars, popularization lectures about robotics and the use of LEGO sets to teach STEM. Since 2007, I show my robotic creations in events and trade fairs worldwide.


Workshops & Camps

Every year, I run workshops, lessons and summer camps, in schools and in learning centers. Attending my LEGO Creator workshops, you will learn how to unleash your creativity! During the LEGO Technic workshops you will learn tips and tricks to make your creations move with pulleys, gears, and levers! Finally, in my LEGO MINDSTORMS workshops, you will learn robotics from basic to advanced concepts.

Some past experiences

  • Opening speaker at WRO 2011 International Symposium of Robotics in Education (18 November 2011, Abu Dhabi)
  • Robotics lecture host at Australian College of Kuwait (23 November 2011)
  • Seminar “Learning Robotics in the Open Source era” at AMA International University (Salmabad, Baharain, 25 Nov 2011)
  • Robot demonstrator at Saudi Aramco Cultural Program (Al Khobar, KSA, July 2012)
  • LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT workshop holder, speaker at 2nd Bricks4Kidz annual conference (Orlando, Florida, USA, 8-11 November 2012)
  • Keynote speaker and workshop holder at 6th Annual Exploring ICT in Education (College of North Atlantic, Qatar, 2-4 March 2013)
  • LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 workshop holder, speaker and robot demonstrator at 3rd Bricks4Kidz annual conference (St Augustine, Florida, USA, 8-11 November 2013)
  • LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 workshop holder, speaker and robot demonstrator during Summer Tour 2014, in Philadelphia (PA), Greensboro (NC), Knoxville (TN), Nashville (TN), Seattle (WA), Edmonton (AB) and St. John’s (NL)