The LEGO BOOST Activity Book

The LEGO BOOST Activity Book teaches you how to build and program robots with LEGO BOOST set 17101

Book description

In The LEGO BOOST Activity Book, readers will learn the ins-and-outs of building and programming their BOOST robots with a fun, project-based approach.

Readers will start by building the basic rover, MARIO. Throughout the chapters, they’ll learn to add complexity to their rover by controlling its movements, making it react to sounds, colors, and have it follow lines, walls, and even their own hands. Then, they’ll add a scanner that will allow MARIO to explore its surroundings, detect and shoot targets, and remote control it in a time-trial game.

After learning those basics, readers will build CYBOT: a humanoid walking robot that can explore, move its head and arms, talk, and react to vocal commands.

The LEGO BOOST Activity Book is packed with exercises and open-ended challenges that will have the reader think creatively and apply that to their own builds!

Requires the LEGO® BOOST Creative Toolbox #17101


Die LEGO-BOOST-Werkstatt

German translation also available!

LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox 17101

Learn robotics having fun!



Here you can see the demonstration videos of all the programs in the book.

Errata Corrige

Ops! Some errors slipped through. Here you see the corrections to the errors present in the printed book.

Chapter 4LEGO BOOST Activity book brain BOOSTer errata corrige page 39

In the brain BOOSTer at page 39, there is an error in the formulas used to derive the final formula to steer precisely. The constant 360/π should be replaced by π/360. Notice, though, that this error does not affect the final result, because these terms cancel out.

Chapter 7

In Figure 7-2 (page 62), the Steering parameters of the Move Steering for Degrees blocks are swapped.

LEGO BOOST Activity book figure 7-2 fixed errata corrige

Chapter 8

In the solution for Experiment 8-3 (pages 75 and 241), the Move Tank Unlimited block should be replaced by a Move Steering Unlimited block.

LEGO BOOST Activity book experiment 8-3 fixed errata corrige

Chapter 8

In the solution for Experiment 8-5 (pages 76 and 242), the Move Tank Unlimited blocks should be replaced by two Move Steering Unlimited blocks.LEGO BOOST Activity book experiment 8-5 fixed errata corrige

Chapter 10

In the solution for Experiment 10-1 (pages 90 and 242), the threshold value for the Wait for True blocks should be set to 2.
LEGO BOOST Activity book experiment 10-1 fixed errata corrige

Chapter 12

In the Figure 12-10 (page 131), the block numbered 7 has the wrong icon (though named correctly in the text), and the numbered ball 8 is missing.LEGO BOOST Activity book figure 12-10 fixed errata corrige

Chapter 12

The Shoot and Stop c-blocks description should have been shown right before the “making the main program” section at page 133. Use the figures below to reproduce them.

LEGO BOOST Activity book Shoot c-block errata corrige

The Shoot c-block (chapter12)

LEGO BOOST Activity book Stop c-block errata corrige

The Stop c-block (chapter 12)

Chapter 15

The Reset c-block fails to initialize the BrickPecker robot if the LEGO BOOST Hub batteries are low. Here’s an alternative sequence for the composite block that might solve the problem. Thanks to Jonty Rowlands for the input.

Errata Corrige for Reset C-block of LEGO BOOST ACTIVITY BOOK Brick Sorting Bird

The Reset c-block (chapter 15)


Here you can find all the support material for the book.

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  2. You cannot use the material for commercial purposes.
  3. The material comes encrypted and protected, and cannot be extracted or transformed.

Click below to download the complete LEGO BOOST 17101 parts reference chapter.

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BOOSTHEAD: a LEGO BOOST BrickHeadz mascotte

You can download the building instructions for BOOSTHead, the LEGO BOOST Brickheadz mascotte from this page.