LEGO Car Factory that you can build in your classroom using LEGO SPIKE Prime set + the expansion set
LEGO SPIKE Prime Car Factory
April 24, 2024
Series of 10 LEGO SPIKE Prime projects for medical applications.
April 26, 2024
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LEGO SPIKE Prime MEDICAL THEME annual subscription (personal/no profit)



Discover how robots are used for medical applications with with the LEGO SPIKE Prime kit 45678. Get this bundle of 10 educational LEGO models created with the LEGO SPIKE Prime kit, experiment with robotics, and see how robots can help us humans, alleviate pain, replace our senses, make surgery  easier and safer, and more.

With this annual subscription, you can access online from your personal account page all these original models that I designed with the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set 45678 for 12 months.

  1. Pill Sorter
  2. Guidance Robot
  3. Cat for pet therapy
  4. Limb Exoskeleton PoC
  5. Wearable Power Claw
  6. Scanner Hat
  7. Surgical Robot Arm with Joystick
  8. T-Shirt Folding Robot
  9. Wearable step counter / Fall Detector / Jump-o-Meter
  10. Balancing Wheelchair

Because of the high number of companies violating the terms by purchasing the personal/education license instead of the business license, the orders will be manually validated. Make sure you comply with the terms. Thank you!

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