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September 2, 2013
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LEGONARDO is a LEGO portrayer robot

This LEGO robot can draw your portrait!

March 2013: Ladies and gentlemen, here is LEGONARDO, a LEGO portrayer robot. It is my fourth generation drawing machine. It is inspired by the work of 18th Century Swiss watch and automata makers Pierre Jacquet-Droz and Henri Maillardet. After reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret, I completely redesigned my portrayer into this shape. The name is a tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian artist and inventor. The drawings are generated by a custom software I wrote, similar to the one used for my first LEGO portrayer robot.


LEGONARDO is a LEGO portrayer robot

Autumn 2011: Here is the second version of my portrayer robot, in the shape of a little figure sitting at a table. You can observe that actually this robot has the same structure as my first portrayer robot. The third prototype I made had about the same size as this one, and featured a different mechanism for the arm. It could draw very well, but the resulting drawings were too small (about 5x5cm), and it was too slow for public performance.

The building instructions and program for this project are not available.