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As a freelance LEGO designer, I provide high quality LEGO building instructions for original LEGO models made with:
Any assortment of LEGO bricks
LEGO Technic assorted elements
LEGO WEDO 2.0 sets
LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 (Home and Education edition)
LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor set 51515
LEGO Education SPIKE Prime and Essential
LEGO Education BRICQ Motion

There are many companies that use original LEGO models to provide educational services, and to teach STEM concepts in after-school lessons, summer camps, field trips, or that simply use these LEGO models for birthday parties, and activities in creativity centers all around the globe.

If you need Custom Design LEGO models, or LEGO custom robotic models for a marketing event, or after-school activity, contact me and get a quote.

Check out the superior quality of my LEGO building instructions

High quality LEGO building instructions

LEGO building instructions laid out for screens

This PDF shows the quality of the building instructions of my original LEGO models laid out for 16:9 screens, without step count or space optimization.

LEGO building instructions optimized for printing

This PDF shows the quality of the building instructions of my original LEGO models laid out to be printed in booklet format, optimized to minimize the number of pages, using white background to save ink.

I won’t make LEGO building instructions like my competitors

This PDF shows how the competitors usually make their building instructions: no callouts, parts added in the wrong order, sometimes hard to follow by novices, featuring a few sub-assemblies.

A selection of my LEGO works made on commission

Custom LEGO models portfolio

Custom LEGO models for after-school education and enrichment programs

For Bricks4Kidz Franchise, I designed more than 120 original LEGO models using a custom parts assortment, ranging from simple ones to advanced Technic and MINDSTORMS models. My designs are being used all over the world by the Bricks4Kidz franchisees.

For BrainVyne enrichment program, I designed dozens of LEGO Technic models, using LEGO Education sets.

For Create And Learn after School STEM, Engineering & LEGO Classes, I designed a series of LEGO Technic models, using a custom set of parts chosen by the client.


educational LEGO models designed so far


happy clients

B2B custom LEGO design services

Do you need a Custom Design LEGO model to use as a corporate gift or for brand promotion? Do you need a fully functional replica or your machine to bring to the next trade fair? I am here to help you. I worked for many companies to help them fulfil their needs of a professionally crafted custom LEGO set. 

I provide high quality digital LEGO building instructions that look like the official ones, with clear step-by-step assembly illustrations, exploded views, callouts and parts list images that illustrate which parts are needed for each step.

I design custom graphics to customize your LEGO models by printing on LEGO elements. Adding your company LOGO to the model will give it a real unique and authentic look.

I also partner with various companies that produce LEGO custom sets in large quantities shipped worlwided , complete with printed building instructions booklets, and custom boxes.


custom LEGO models designed


business clients

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    Disclaimer: I do NOT work for The LEGO Group, although I collaborated with LEGO Education in 2012-2013 in order to develop the programs for the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 45544 set core models.