Whac-a-mole game built with LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox 17101.

Are you fast enough?

This LEGO BOOST Whac-A-Mole game  is my own version of the classic arcade game. Moles pop up from their holes and you must hit them as fast as you can with your hammer. The program will measure your reaction time and give you a score at the end.

LEGO BOOST Whac-A-Mole uses the LEGO BOOST Distance Sensor to detect the hammer. The program detects if you hit the exact mole that pops up, or if you hit in random spots. So, DON’T CHEAT! The motors that raise the moles are coupled with clutches, so you don’t risk to stress and ruin the motors inner gears even if you hit the moles with all your force. What are you waiting for? Bust those moles! Click on the button below to download the building instructions!


LEGO BOOST WHAC-A-MOLE is ready to go! The PDF you get contains the instructions to make a set of programs for the robot.
The quality of the building instructions is just like the LEGO official ones . The building steps are detailed and clear.
LEGO WHAC-A-MOLE can be built with the parts from the LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox set 17101.
Each PDF comes stamped with your name and license, to ensure product authenticity

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Take the chance, and get the instructions while on discount!

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LEGO BOOST whac-a-mole game


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The classic whac-a-mole game built with LEGO BOOST (17101). Challenge your reflexes!

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