LEGO BOOST Mecha Walker Automaton

A chicken walker mecha automaton built with LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox 17101

Unleash Your Inner Engineer with this mecha!

This LEGO BOOST walker robot, loosely inspired by the ED-209 robot of the 1987 ROBOCOP movie, is a thrilling project for builders of all ages. Watch in awe as your LEGO BOOST Mecha Walker comes to life with just a few turns of a crank! Experience the delight as this LEGO kinetic sculpture  takes its first steps, or place it on the motorized base to see it gracefully glide across any surface. Don’t miss out on this incredible fusion of creativity and technology – let your imagination soar and get your Mecha today!

The LEGO BOOST Mecha is the ultimate sci-fi vehicle for your LEGO BOOST collection. Don’t miss this opportunity to build and code your own biped robot!