LEGO BOOST Tyrannosaurus Rex

LEGO BOOST T-Rex walking roaring dinosaur model instructions for download

Minifigures, beware! This LEGO BOOST T-Rex will hunt you!

The tyrannosaurus Rex, often called T. Rex or colloquially T-Rex is universally known as the king of all dinosaurs, the most dangerous and ferocious predator ever existed. There have been several LEGO renditions of a T-Rex, but a LEGO BOOST TYRANNOSAURUS was missing!
By popular demand, here’s my LEGO BOOST T-Rex custom model in minifigure scale: it’s fully remote controlled, and it can walk, turn, swing its tail, move the head, the neck and of course it can ROAR!
By downloading this digital product, you will get detailed step-by-step building instructions, and screenshots to program the LEGO BOOST dinosaur with the LEGO BOOST app, or the LEGO powered up app.
Still thinking about it? Get your LEGO BOOST T.Rex now and unleash it to hunt and chomp your LEGO minifigures!