LEGO BOOST Spaceship Game

A spaceship arcade game built with LEGO BOOST set 17101

Classic arcade… LEGO BOOST style!

This LEGO BOOST project lets you become the pilot of a spaceship! You can build this game with a single LEGO BOOST set #17101. Your goal is to drive the ship as long as possible across the loop. You have just a one-button control that enables the spaceship vertical thruster (well, in space there’s no real up and down) in order to avoid obstacles such as nasty aliens, enemy spaceships and asteroids. The travel speed across the loop increases with the score. If the ship is slowed down by an obstacle, your score will decrease. When the spaceship crashes onto an obstacle and it’s knocked down, the game will end. To sense this, I used the LEGO BOOST color sensor.

Can’t wait to play? I wish you good luck, I could not get beyond 20 points!

Click the button below to get the building instructions!

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