Johnny 5 from Short Circuit movie built with LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox 17101

Johnny Five is alive!

Johnny 5 is the robot star from 1986 science fiction comedy film Short Circuit. One of five experimental military robots is struck by lightning and gains a human-like intelligence, prompting it to escape its facility to learn more about the world. During the movie, the robot Number 5 develops the awareness of being alive, and turns its name into Johnny 5. This movie, together with Back to the Future and Ghostbusters really changed my life, eventually helping me in the decision of becoming an engineer.

You can build this version of LEGO Johnny 5 with a single LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox set 17101. This LEGO Johnny 5 robot can be remoted controlled with the LEGO BOOST App or the LEGO Powered Up App. You can drive it around on treads, make its arm and head swing, and shoot darts (I could not find a suitable laser for a LEGO robot). It also features poseable arms and Johnny 5 signature eyelids. You can download the building and programming instructions by clicking the button down below.


This LEGO model is ready to go! The PDF you get contains the instructions to make a program for it.
The quality of the building instructions is just like the LEGO official ones . The building steps are detailed and clear.
This LEGO Johnny 5 can be built with the parts from the LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox set 17101.
Each PDF comes stamped with your name and license, to ensure product authenticity

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Johnny 5 from Short Circuit built with the LEGO BOOST set #17101.

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