LEGO BOOST Helicopter

original LEGO BOOST Helicopter for rescue and fire fighting

LEGO BOOST Helicopter to the rescue!

You can build this LEGO Airplane with a singleThis LEGO Airplane features a spinning propeller and moving ailerons and tail elevator. The ailerons move as you change the roll angle of the airplane from side to side, and the tail elevator moves up and down as you tilt the airplane, changing its pitch. The roll and pitch angles are read by the LEGO BOOST Move Hub built-in accelerometer. Can you spot the pilot in the cabin?

Brace yourself for high-flying heroics with the coolest new addition to your LEGO City. This Rescue Helicopter isn’t just any chopper—it’s your city’s ultimate savior, armed with awesome features that’ll make you the toast of LEGO town! The best part? You don’t need to buy a new LEGO set, but just dust off your good LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox set 17101.

It features:

🌟 Spinning Propellers: I designed the propellers to have round ends, so they’re safe and ensure hours of fun without any ouchies!

🌟 Moving Crane: Got a LEGO citizen in a bit of a pickle? No worries! The moving crane is ready to swoop in and save the day. Whether it’s a daring mid-air rescue or plucking a mini-figure from the water, your new LEGO BOOST helicopter is up to the challenge!

🌟 Water-Dumping Action: Fight LEGO fires like a pro! Fill the back cargo with tiny blue LEGO plates that look like water and unleash them from the back cargo lid to douse those pesky flames! Your LEOG BOOST helicopter can turn any fiery disaster into a fun splash party.

And the best part? This bad boy is a tech-savvy marvel! You can program it with the LEGO BOOST App or the Powered Up App for next-level adventures. If you don’t want to keep a device connected at all times, you can use the amazing Pybricks blocks programming to store the program directly in the hub memory. Talk about versatility!

Your LEGO City has never been safer—or more fun. Get ready to embark on epic rescue missions and create unforgettable stories with the LEGO BOOST Rescue Helicopter. The sky’s the limit! 🌟🚁🧱🔥

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