LeBRiCS - LEGO BOOST Rubik's Cube Solver

A LEGO BOOST Rubik’s Cube Solver?

Witness the magic of LEGO BOOST like never before with LeBRiCS, a LEGO Rubik’s Cube Solver Robot! Say goodbye to the frustration of unsolved Rubik’s Cubes—LeBRiCS Robot, powered by LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox set 17101, is here to revolutionize your solving experience. Simply place your cube on the plate, connect the robot to Prof. Bricks’ Cube Solver web App, and with a tap of a button, watch as this LEGO Rubik’s Cube Solver Robot effortlessly handles the Rubik’s cube, solving it with the shortest solution achievable. With its custom firmware, building and operating this cube solve robot is easy and intuitive, making it the perfect blend of innovation and creativity.

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Please note that this project is offered as a gift exclusively for owners of the LEGO BOOST annual subscription or bundle, which are already valuable as they include numerous models. This is an advanced project that entails flashing a custom firmware and demands a certain experience in utilizing connected devices. Additionally, connectivity via Bluetooth Low Energy to your browser-enabled device may vary depending on your device’s compatibility.

Due to constraints on my time, I present this project “as is” and cannot offer any form of assistance to ensure its functionality.
It is advised not to purchase the bundle solely for the purpose of accessing this project unless you are confident in your ability to troubleshoot any potential issues that may arise.

Regrettably, I must clarify that I am unable to offer assistance to users who have purchased the bundle only to find themselves encountering difficulties with the robot, especially if they have proceeded despite not heeding my advice.
Thanks for understanding.