CODIE is a LEGO BOOST robot that can be programmed on the fly

Learn coding with CODIE

This LEGO BOOST robot helps you learn the basics of coding by letting you program its movements to complete missions on a grid map using colored tiles. CODIE can be built using the LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox 17101.
I found an elegant method to store lists of data (arrays) that works in the LEGO BOOST and in the LEGO Powered up apps. This technique allows you to program your robot to record and replay actions like other robots designed to teach coding to kids, such as BEEBOT or DOC. Play the video to see it in action!

By downloading this digital product, you will get detailed step-by-step building instructions, and screenshots to program LEGO BOOST CoDIE with the LEGO BOOST app, or the LEGO powered up app.

Get your LEGO BOOST Coding Robot now and start coding!