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October 8, 2016
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New LEGO BOOST Creative toolbox (17101)

LEGO BOOST app with Vernie the Robot
LEGO BOOST app with Vernie the Robot

A New Standard?

LEGO did it again. A new cool and funky “Creative Toolbox” was just launched under the nom de guerre LEGO BOOST! With the LEGO Education WEDO 2.0 set (45300), LEGO introduced a new standard for 6-pole electric connectors, as well as a new motor and new sensors. The WEDO 2.0 electric components (part number 21980) have “LPF 2.0” in their name, which leads me to guess that the new Power Functions system (2.0?) will adopt these connectors as well, making the current ones obsolete. The interesting thing is that the new connectors are used in the LEGO BOOST electronic elements, leaving us wondering if the next generation of LEGO MINDSTORMS will have this compacter connectors as well. I think so. I hope so.

Also, I hope that all these new sensors and motors will be compatible with the next generation of MINDSTORMS. Or will the name MINDSTORMS disappear, and everything will get under the same LEGO POWER FUNCTIONS 2.0 umbrella? Time will tell.

LEGO BOOST Smart brick, servo motor and color-distance sensor
The 5 hero models that you can build with LEGO BOOST Creative toolbox
LEGO WEDO 2.0 electronic elements
The LEGO WEDO 2.0 set of electronic devices


I like to think that LEGO designers themselves take inspiration from previous creations made by other LEGO designers or by members of the Community. Here are the resemblances in terms of working concept that popped into my eye. The aesthetics are different of course, especially considering that the BOOST models are studded, and not studless.

LEGO BOOST Multi-Tooled Rover 4 resembles LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 TRACK3R
LEGO BOOST Frankie the Cat resembles LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Puppy (by LEGO designer Lee Magpili)
LEGO BOOST Guitar4000 resembles LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 EL3CTRIC GUITAR (by Daniele Benedettelli)
LEGO BOOST Autobuilder resembles the LEGO MINDSTORMS Duck Maker 1.5 (by Daniele Benedettelli)
LEGO BOOST Autobuilder resembles the LEGO MINDSTORMS Duck Maker 1.5 (by Daniele Benedettelli)
LEGO BOOST Vernie resembles Johnny 5 as well as the LEGO Creator robot 31062.

LEGO says…

Combine the versatile LEGO® building system with advanced technology to boost your creativity with the awesome LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox. Download the free tablet app to your device and follow the step-by-step instructions to build and code any of the 5 multifunctional models. Experience Vernie the Robot—a moving and talking robot; the M.T.R.4 (Multi-Tooled Rover 4)—a robust, versatile rover with 4 different tool attachments including a spring-loaded shooter; the Guitar4000—a musical instrument with pitch bend and sound effects; Frankie the Cat—an interactive pet that plays, purrs and expresses its mood; or the AutoBuilder—an automated production line that really builds miniature LEGO models! Bring your creations to life with the app’s intuitive, icon-based coding interface and complete an array of exciting activities designed for each model. This set also includes a playmat for use with specific activities, and a LEGO BOOST wall poster! Please go to for a list of all compatible devices.

Some technical details

  •  The set Includes over 840 LEGO® pieces, plus a LEGO Move Hub, Interactive Motor and a Color & Distance Sensor.
  • Move Hub features Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity, two motors with rotation sensor, activation button, internal (3-axis) tilt sensor and a light.
  • The Interactive Motor has a built-in rotation sensor that lets you measure how far/ how fast it’s turning.
  • Color & Distance Sensor detects distance, motion and color, and can also function as a light.
  • The app is an easy-to-use intuitive software with icon-based drag-and-drop programming interface.

The LEGO BOOST electric elements and app resemble the ones of Education WEDO 2.0 set. A new standard in LEGO robotics has been set?

LEGO BOOST building instructions

August 2017 update: the LEGO BOOST 17101 set is available, and you can find the building instructions here.

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