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With this 1-year access, you’ll receive detailed building instructions for 30+ original LEGO models designed by Prof. Bricks, using the incredible LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox set #17101. Maximize your investment and save money by unlocking a world of new builds without needing to purchase additional sets.

Unlock 12 months of original LEGO models and bring your LEGO BOOST set to life like never before!


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Annual subscription to all my LEGO BOOST models building and programming instructions

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30+ LEGO BOOST creations

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Crystal Clear Building Instructions

Forget about those partial instructions with obscure or missing steps you might have found online.

Our building instructions are as detailed as official LEGO manuals, ensuring a smooth and seamless building experience. With our ultra-clear instructions, building is a breeze!


Amaze your friends with this incredible robot

LeBRiCS - LEGO BOOST Rubik's Cube Solver

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LeBRiCS is a LEGO Rubik's Cube Solver Robot built with the LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox 17101


Exclusive Online Video Lessons

Discover my Design Process

Have you ever wondered how a LEGO model is designed from scratch? To demystify the creative process of a LEGO designer, I filmed the entire journey of creating several LEGO BOOST models, from initial concept to the finished product, including the programming. This comprehensive behind-the-scenes look showcases the intimate, unfiltered, trial-and-error tinkering process. To my knowledge, no LEGO designer has ever so thoroughly documented the intricate design choices and steps that lead to the creation of complex models, like those possible with the LEGO BOOST set.

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Key features

No extra purchases needed – use only the parts from your LEGO BOOST set.

Keep your kids engaged for over 100 hours with new, exciting builds.

Make the most out of your $160 LEGO BOOST set with a lot of new projects.

Easy-to-follow, detailed instructions just like official LEGO manuals.

Programs are fully documented for the LEGO BOOST app, (for LEGO Powered Up and Pybricks when applicable)

Let your kids explore various themes like space, vehicles, animals, robots, and games.

Instantaneous access: just login from any browser-enabled device and you’re ready to play!

About me

Who is Prof. Bricks?

Daniele Benedettelli, also known as Prof. Bricks, is a globally recognized robotics engineer and freelance LEGO designer from Italy. Renowned for his collaboration with The LEGO Company from 2007 to 2013, he has significantly contributed to the development of the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT and EV3 products as part of the MINDSTORMS Developer Program and Community Partner.

Daniele has authored several influential books on educational robotics, including “The LEGO BOOST Activity Book”.

His publications are highly regarded among tens of thousands of Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs) worldwide for their clarity and educational value.

Known for the exceptional quality of his creations, Daniele’s innovative LEGO robots have been showcased at international events and featured in numerous media outlets, solidifying his reputation as a leader in the field of educational robotics​.

The LEGO BOOST Activity Book teaches you how to build and program robots with LEGO BOOST set 17101

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Testimonial 1

Thanks a lot for the great models! My son (Felipe) loves your models!

Antonio S. (35)

Testimonial 2

My wish (Emils, my son) is to meet you, he said you are his hero.

Andrea K. (42)

Testimonial 3

My grand kids love your builds. They are easy to follow and make it work…

Gunnar C. (68)

Testimonial 4

LEGO should hire you!

Dave P. (54)
United States

Testimonial 5

I have an annual subscription to your LEGO BOOST Bundle, and I have to say, it’s amazing! I also bought your books on BOOST and MINDSTORMS, and they are fantastic.

Lorenzo Z. (39)

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  • Tired of your LEGO BOOST set gathering dust?
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My annual subscription breathes new life into your LEGO BOOST set with over 30 new, original models!
Annual subscription to all my LEGO BOOST models building and programming instructions

LEGO BOOST annual access + Bonuses


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to make the models?

One LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox set # 17101 is enough. Then, you need a compatible device to program the robots. If you don’t have the LEGO BOOST set, you can find one new or used (but complete) on 3rd party marketplaces such as BrickLink.

I heard that LEGO retired the product. What now?

The LEGO BOOST app is still available from Play Store and Apple App Store. LEGO is not maintaing it anymore and that’s why I ported the programs to the new LEGO Powered Up App, and to Pybricks blocks for selected models.

What’s Pybricks blocks?

Pybricks is an alternative firmware for LEGO BOOST that allows you to create programs  with graphical programming blocks, and then store the programs right onto the hub, making your LEGO BOOST creations independent from the programming device. It’s revolutionary!

Is it worth the price?

Absolutely! For the cost of one new LEGO set, you get a whole year of new builds.

How did you compute that insane value?

Easy: the set originally costed 160$ and included 5 “hero” models: Vernie, Frankie the Cat, Multi-Tooled Rover 4, Guitar4000, and Autobuilder. The building process is broken down into more activites, but there are still 5 models.
With my subscription you get more than 30 models. To get the same amount of robotic models by purchasing various LEGO robotic toolkits, you would pay 30/5*160 = 960$, hence the value.

What’s the minimum recommended age?

LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox was targeted by LEGO to 7+ kids, but according to my experience the minimum recommended age should be 8 or 9 years old, depending on the experience. To program some of the models with the additional Pybricks programs, adult supervision might be required.

Are the instructions really clear?

My instructions are as detailed as official LEGO manuals, ensuring a smooth building experience. I spent 300+ hours to carefully document the models with step by step instructions.

Will my kids get bored?

With over 30 new models and diverse themes, there’s always something new to build. The variety of themes and models is so vast that they will likely find something that matches their tastes.

Why can’t I get the PDF files?

There’s a reason for that. A sad one. Some time ago, a young Russian pirate-wannabe purchased some of my PDF files only to resell them on his website and promoting them on his YouTube channel. It was a huge setback for my small business, but I could take down the videos and the website with the files. Since then, I am offering my valuable material through my website only. I offer the PDF files to the business customers for their paid courses.

What do I need to access the material?

Any smart device or computer with a browser will work fine. The optimal experience in on tablets with larger screens, but I can read the instructions clearly by switching the embedded PDF viewer to full screen on my Android smartphone. Some users reported some issues with browsers other than Chrome on iPads.