LEGO MINDSTORMS on/off proximity sensor (RCX)
September 1, 2005
Hexapod walker (RCX)
October 15, 2005
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LEGO Johnny 5 (RCX)


I developedJ5_RCX1 Johnny 5 from summer
2004 to fall 2005. It features:

  • Tread differential drive
  • Rotating head
  • Raising torso
  • Moving laser
  • Grabbing and lifting hands,
    driven by a RC servo
  • Mouth lighting
  • It can follow lines
  • It can follow the hand
  • Single RCX Design
  • Motor MUX allows to drive 6 motors.

JohnNXT, included in my first book, is derived from this first version.J5_animation

 J5_Head The touch sensor allows the RCX to detect when the head is straight. The neck, the upper and lower eyebrows are fully poseable, thanks to hinges. Between the eyes, you can see my new proximity sensor, that make Johnny Five follow your hand. The mouth lights up while the head turns around, searching for obstacles.
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