LEGO MINDSTORMS Education humanoid robot


The JAEG3R is a massive LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 humanoid robot

Wait, can it really walk?!?

The JAEG3R is a massive LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 humanoid robot I designed back in 2014. It’s built using two LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Core sets 45544 and one LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Expansion set 45560.  This large EV3 biped robot can balance on two legs, walk, turn left and right and avoid obstacles, that it detects using its ultrasonic “eyes”. The arms and forearms can move,  and the hands open and close thanks to a complex underactuated mechanism. Its name (Jaeger, stylized as JAEG3R) means “hunter” in German, and it was inspired by the huge mecha robots seen in the 2013 the movie Pacific Rim.

With this advanced EV3 project, you can experiment and have fun with a large and complex two-brick humanoid robot. Students can be challenged to program it from scratch, and learn how to manage many inputs and outputs, and how to make two EV3 bricks communicate. Click the button below to get the building instructions and the programs.


The JAEG3R is ready to go! You can get the full .EV3 project file with the programs with all the low-level routines.
The quality of the building instructions is comparable to the LEGO official ones . The building steps are detailed and clear, optimized for 16:9 screens.
This EV3 humanoid robot can be built with the parts from two LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Education core sets 45544 and one Expansion set 45560 .
Each PDF comes stamped with your name and license, to ensure product authenticity.

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Detailed building instructions

You can choose to get just the detailed building instructions, available in PDF digital format. No programming instructions are included! You will need to program this EV3 humanoid robot from scratch. It’s a large complex machine that requires quite advanced programming skills, so it’s recommended for experienced students that want a real programming challenge!

Complete EV3 Program

If you want to get a fully working robot, you can also choose to get the complete .EV3 project  file. This .EV3 project file contains all the My Blocks to manage the low-level working of the humanoid robot, needed to reset the legs and arms, connect the bricks, make them communicate together, read the sensors, walk, balance, turn, swing the arms, open and close the hands. Starting from there, novice students can focus just on the high-level programming, without having to deal with the lower level intricate details.



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