Horse race

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June 1, 2008
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November 10, 2009
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Horse race

horseRaceNXT1A day at the races! This is a simple but really funny LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT table game for two players. Hold you controller, and tap on the touch sensor as fast as you can! Your horse will travel forward proportionally to your tapping speed, and if you lose the rhythm, your horse will lose ground. This makes the challenge (and the fun) last longer! The game is built using parts from a NXT retail set 8547, plus some tread links and black sprockets. Oh, you’ll need some minifigures and horses, of course!

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Here’s a video showing a challenge between two players. It’s a real satisfaction to build such a simple game and see two adults enjoying it so much! Imagine the children…

horseRaceNXT2The large tread links are not included in the standard MINDSTORMS set. You can find those parts in these sets: