EV3 tricycle robot that can smoothly follow lines on the ground

A smooth line-following robot

This EV3 tricycle robot is just not the same EV3 wheeled robot! Itcan move around thanks to the frontal wheel that can both drive and steer. The bigger wheels are passive, that means they just roll and support the robot. On the steering wheel, there's an EV3 Light Sensor that can detect lines on the ground. Since the sensor is directly mounted on the steering wheel, this Ev3 Tricycle can track a line on the ground in a very smooth way. I designed this robot back in 2013, using the parts from a single LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Education core set 45544.

This EV3 project is a perfect start for you to explore different ways to make a robot move on wheels, and follow lines on the ground. You can even modify the robot to track objects, or a flashlight.
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