Mysterious Gear Sorter

Pick and place robot arm that sorts gears in a mysterious way

A baffling pick and place robot arm

You might have seen many LEGO robots that can sort parts by color, but few robots can sort LEGO parts by size. This pick and place robot arm can measure the number of teeth of the gears in a unique and baffling way, that’s why  I named it the Mysterious Gear Sorter. Can you guess how does it work? Are you curious to discover the trick? Click on  the button below, and build this pick and place robot arm with a single LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 set 45544.


This Gear Sorter is ready to go! The .EV3 project file that comes with the commercial license includes the complete EV3 program.
The quality of the building instructions is comparable to the LEGO official ones . The building and programming instructions are detailed and clear.
This pick and place robot arm can be built with the parts from LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 set 45544.
Each PDF comes stamped with your name and license, to ensure product authenticity

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This robot shares the base structure of the official LEGO Robot Arm H-25. The instructions are inside the EV3 Software Education, but you can also get them from the link below.