Pick and Place Robot

LEGO Education SPIKE Essential
LEGO pick and place robot built with LEGO SPIKE Essential to explore industrial automation

Discover industrial automation with a LEGO robot

This LEGO pick and place robot is ideal to introduce your students to the concepts of industrial automation. This cute little robot moves an object from a working station to another just like a real industrial robot arm, either in autonomous mode, or in remote control mode, by using a joystick. This LEGO pick and place robot can be built with the LEGO Education SPIKE Essential set 45345.

Check out the video below if you want to see how it works. You can see a preview of programs on the image here at the right.

You can get the building and programming instructions by clicking the button down below.


LEGO SPIKE Essential Robot that picks and places objects comes with complete program
This LEGO robot is ready to go! The .LLSP project is included with the business license.
The quality of the building instructions is comparable to the LEGO official ones . The building steps are detailed and clear.
This LEGO robot can be built with the LEGO Education SPIKE Essential set 45345.
Each PDF comes stamped with a license, to ensure product authenticity

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