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Build a LEGO robot with set #10692

Build a LEGO robot with set 10692
Build a LEGO robot with set 10692

Fanatics like me try to build LEGO robots even out of sets that apparently don’t have nothing to deal with robots. That’s the case of the LEGO Classic Creative Bricks set 10692. LEGO Classic sets include a wide variety of bricks, plates and accessories. What is really particular about this set is the wild assortment of colors. Someone will surely like it, there are parts in 4 shades of pink, 4 shades of brown, 3 shades of blue, and more…

What you notice as soon as you start tinkering with the parts without using instructions is that the assortment seems to be done around the models you can build with the instructions that come with the set. When designing a new model, you will find yourself missing one part of some kind, because not all of them come in pairs. Building something which results to be color-symmetric is pretty hard, and maybe that’s what LEGO designers that created this assortment want you to build: rainbow-colored creations.

Even this otherwise mean-looking mecha robot seems peaceful and harmless when built with these parts, like it’s saying “Put some flowers in your guns!”

Where to get the parts?

The parts you need to build this LEGO robot are included in the LEGO set 10692. The LEGO Classic sets can be purchased on LEGO S@H or Amazon. Click on the images.

Instructions to build this LEGO robot

You can download the building instructions to build this LEGO robot after clicking one of the social buttons.

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