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BrickBot EV3

Free EV3 project instructions for this robot!
BrickBot is a funny EV3 robot that has a LEGO Brick container box as shell

An EV3 robot in disguise

Every year I am invited at the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Central Italy Tournament to show off my LEGO MINDSTORMS robots. This year, I decided to design a simple and fun EV3 robot that can be completely hidden under a LEGO 1×2 Brick Storage Box. The first one-kit robot of this kind was designed in 2011 by Marc-Andrè Bazergui using a single NXT kit. My robot can be built with a single EV3 retail set 31313. Click the button below to download the instructions and the program.


Download EV3 project

BrickBot is a funny EV3 robot that has a LEGO Brick container box as shell

You can download this EV3 project instructions from the link. You will get a zip file including  the PDF with the building instructions, and a .RBF file, which is a compiled executable program. You should NOT open it directly in the EV3 Software, as you won’t see any programming blocks. To use it, you must download it to the EV3 Brick using the EV3 Memory Browser tool available in the Tools menu of the EV3 Software. The program was not developed using the EV3 graphical programming language, but using EV3Basic.

Download EV3 project instructions and program from the link below.

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