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RCX creations

My RCX creations (2004-2006)  

LEGO MINDSTORMS RCX output Multiplexer (MUX)

April 2004: I developed a simple yet effective motor multiplexer for RCX, to raise the number of motors it can drive from 3 to 6. It’s really […]

LEGO Johnny 5 (RCX)

  I developed Johnny 5 from summer 2004 to fall 2005. It features: Tread differential drive Rotating head Raising torso Moving laser Grabbing and lifting hands, driven […]


April 2004: With this wonderful device, you can connect up to 8 active sensors to one single RCX Input port. It works bad only for Lego […]


June 2004: A LEGO rotation sensor for RCX is not so easy to find, and not at all cheap. In many cases it’s not the best way to […]


August 2004: After many trials, here’s a smooth weight shifting biped walker, powered with a single motor. The legs mechanism let it swing side to side while walking. […]

LEGO MINDSTORMS on/off proximity sensor (RCX)

September 2005: I developed a LEGO proximity sensor that can be stacked with other identical ones on the same RCX input port, till a maximum of […]

LEGO MINDSTORMS analog proximity sensor (RCX)

July 2004: This is the first custom proximity sensor I made for the RCX, fitted in a box made by two 2×4 bricks. It returns a […]

Little Johnny 5 (RCX)

March 2005: This little cute LEGO replica of Johnny 5 robot has working treads, poseable head, neck, eyebrows, hands and laser gun. It’s built from a single LEGO […]


December 2004: This is a walker biped, shaped as the famous chicken walker of the Star Wars movies, the All Terrain – Scout Transport (AT-ST). It can […]

Hexapod walker (RCX)

This small LEGO MINDSTORMS RCX hexapod robot can walk and turn in place. It has three motors: Two motors move external legs forward and backward. A […]

Semi passive walker (RCX)

October 2005: This RCX walker is semi-passive, that means that while the motor shift the weight of the RCX, the legs are not actuated (they are […]


Yellow Dwarf

October 2004: Compact, smooth, and powered by only two motors, this little biped robot uses a standard Lego Light Sensor as proximity sensor, using signals emitted […]


Here’s another biped robot, in the shape of a standing owl. I used only RIS 2.0 parts, plus a rotation sensor. This is a weight-shifting biped walker. It uses 2 […]

Serious NXT Soccer Game

During 2010, Mario Ferrari and I joined the efforts to make a fully autonomous soccer game system using MINDSTORMS NXT. It was a great honor for me […]

Making of NXT Soccer Game

During 2010, Mario Ferrari and I joined the efforts to make a fully autonomous soccer game system using MINDSTORMS NXT. Here’s some picture from the making of […]

JohnNXT – Johnny 5 replica

2008: JohnNXT is my LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT replica of Johnny 5, the robot star of the Short Circuit movies. Its building and programming instructions are included […]

The first NXT LEGO Rubik’s cube solver

Spring 2007: During February, March, April 2007, I’ve been very busy preparing University exams. The one which certainly caught my attention most was AI (artificial intelligence), that taught me about […]

Scientific Papers

LEGO MINDSTORMS-based mobile robots teams (BSc Thesis paper in Italian only, October 2007) Abstract: The goal of this work is the realization of a mobile robots team using […]