February 17, 2012
New exoskeleton prototype
September 2, 2013


March 2013: Ladies and gentlemen, here is LEGONARDO, a LEGO portrayer robot. It is my fourth generation drawing machine. It is inspired by the work of 18th Century Swiss watch and automata makers Pierre Jacquet-Droz and Henri Maillardet. After reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret, I completely redesigned my portrayer into this shape.The name is a tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian artist and inventor. The drawings are generated by a custom software I wrote, similar to the one used for my first portrayer robot.


Autumn 2011: Above you can see the second version of my portrayer, in the shape of a figure sitting at a table. You can observe that actually this robot has the same structure as my first portrayer. The third prototype had about the same size as this, and featured a polar arm. It could draw very well, but the resulting drawings were too small (about 5x5cm).

The building instructions and the software for this project are not available.


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