About Daniele Benedettelli


Daniele Benedettelli is a robotics engineer, inventor, high school teacher, free-lance LEGO designer. He occasionally composes music for TV spots and films, draws comics.

In 1992, his creation “Tom the cat” was early discarded from a LEGO competition held in a toy store in his town. He kept playing well, until his dark-age-of-LEGO. Then, in 2003 he discovered LEGO MINDSTORMS. In 2006, he got a BSc degree cum laude in Computer Engineering (Automation line) from the University of Siena with a thesis entitled “LEGO MINDSTORMS-based mobile robots team”. After having been in the MINDSTORMS Developer Program, since 2007, he is a MINDSTORMS Community Partner, a role that The LEGO Company created to get help from expert users. Since then, he invented many LEGO robots, and he wrote two best-selling books about LEGO MINDSTORMS.

In 2009, he got a MSc degree cum laude in robotics, and worked as researcher about mobile robotics. Then, after 18 months of pain working as R&D engineer in a company, in 2011 he started his activity as teacher, and free-lance LEGO designer and inventor. Since 2007, he artecipated to many events (Italy, Luxembourg, Nederlands, Denmark, Spain, UAE, Qatar,  Kuwait, Oman, Barhein, Saudi Arabia) and his creations were featured in TV shows (Italy, Germany, Sweden, Japan, USA).

Among his world-famous robots you should not miss JOHNXT, a replica of Johnny 5 robot from Short Circuit movie; the LEGO RUBIK UTOPIA, the first NXT Rubik’s cube solving robot ever made; LEGONARDO the portrayer robot, that can draw smoothly like a real artist; CYCLOPS, a MINDSTORMS-Android-hybrid humanoid robot that can walk, gesticulate, talk and listen in natural language.

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